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    Alkaline water is water that is slightly high pH ranging from 7.5 to 14. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, or bicarbonate. These compounds bind to hydrogen ions in solution, making water more healthy. Cooking With Alkaline water have better results compared to normal or acidic water. Cooking in slightly alkaline water helps keep the flavor of many foods, while cutting the bitterness and acidity of certain types. It can enhance the flavor of rice, pasta, soups, stews, and similar meals or side dishes since it doesn’t break down the flavor like acidic water does. In addition to helping the flavor, this water also keeps many of the nutrients of the ingredients within the dish whereas cooking often kills a significant portion. Cooking Rice and Grains In alkaline water. Soak your rice or other grains in high-alkaline water from your ionizer 30 minutes to an hour before cooking. It improves their taste and helps make them fluffier. Coffee and Tea using alkaline water Alkaline water eliminate bitter taste when you use alkaline water to make your coffee or tea. It also extracts more flavors, so you can use less coffee or tea. Cooking Vegetables in alkaline water Cook your vegetables in high-alkaline water to enhance flavor, eliminate bitterness, and to bring out natural color. Alkaline water helps retain vitamin and mineral content that is normally lost in the cooking process. Because alkalinity is always reduced by boiling, it is best to start with a high level, alkaline water. Soups and Stews with high pH water. Make your soups and stews with alkaline water to add alkalizing properties and to improve flavor extraction. Seafood cooking using alkaline water. Prepare and cook seafood with alkaline water to remove the fishy odor and taste. Tenderize Meats with alkaline water. Soak meats in alkaline water 30 minutes before cooking to tenderize and improve taste. Preparation of Ice Cubes using alkaline water. Make ice cubes with strong alkaline water to improve the flavor and pH of any beverage. Revitalize Leafy Green Vegetables in high pH water Be amazed at how greens can be "brought back to life" by rinsing with alkaline water and refrigerating overnight. Pasta Products Another application of Alkaline Ionized Water is in the cooking of Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Noodles, Rice and other similar types of foods. These foods will absorb more Alkaline Ionized Water than tap water. This gives such foods a fuller texture and flavor, and there is less tendency for them to cling together. Switch to alkaline water for better taste & healthy food. We can help you stay healthy with our new launched product ALKEN. For more information, Call Us on 1800 123 9411 | +91 22 40103917 OR Visit our website : www.alken.co